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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So its been a while.... Things have changed - just a bit... We've welcomed the addition of our mini me and he's growing up WAY too fast. Who knew a 2 month old could outweigh a 9 month old... glutton!

It's at the point now where we are starting to consider how he is going to grow up - how he's going to learn, what we're going to do for him in terms of school and one of the things that I've always wanted was to have them grow up with a second language. Having learned French at school that's my natural progression - now just to make it happen.

Books are so expensive! And I've found that libraries have very little if any books for kids in foreign languages. Sad! :( Now I have to get my mind into gear and get my craft on to try and get something together for bubba in order to get him learning some of those words I've already forgotten.

I will keep you all posted (those that bother to read this anyway ;) ) as to what I come up with - no promises for anything too exciting though ;)

And yes it's short but better than nothing! Laters


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have recently had the opportunity to have a significant amount of time off - time I've spent at home sorting things cleaned up, sorted out and ready to start preparing for the new arrival due at the beginning of June this year. The problem with free time is that it leaves too much time to think about what else I could have been doing instead - particularly when you find yourself stumbling for a good half a day....

I've found one of the things I've been drawn to the most has been the crafty stuff - fortunately a passion I THINK I'll be able to find time for once bubba arrives (hopefully). Although not the most artistic person by anyones estimation I've managed to find some really cool bits and pieces that I thought I would share seeing as I haven't written here for quite some time... In no particular order;
  • How to Make a Versatile Skirt - Although this one is a link to the specific piece, the whole website is a collection of projects, articles and information relevant to young women. It was great for me simply for inspiration - so many things I now have to make!!!
  • Magazine Boxes - This one links to a specific article again with a great idea for using up all those old magazines that everyone has lying around the house somewhere. The thing I like most about this is it produces something that is actually useful! Who doesn't need somewhere else to hide away stuff - or even use them as a cheap and (somewhat) easy gift box...
  • DIY Chandeliers - This one looks amazing! Somehow I doubt that I will EVER have the time, patience, materials or anything else that this massive project would take but if anyone does give it a try PLEASE let me know I would love to see the results, it would be amazing!
  • Magazine Table - The link for this one is the original stumble upon link basically because I gave up on trying to find the original link after about 10 seconds... This one is epic! I love that its using "useless" materials that most of us have making it into something that everyone uses on a daily basis.
  • Cherry Blossom Lights - This whole website looks great but this is one project that really stood out for me. Anyone who knows about my obsession with Christmas lights and the likes you'll understand when you take a look. I will definately post some photos of these when I finally have the time to get around to making them!
  • Chalkboard Wineglasses - I love this idea. Pity no one in our household drinks! For anyone with weddings/housewarmings etc coming up - if you want some make sure you invite me :P
  • Paint Chip Clock - This one looks great. And on top of being really quite easy to make its also cheap, completely functional and could be tailored to suit any decor.
  • Cookie and Brownie Mix in a Jar -I love this idea! What a perfect holiday gift for someone who simply has everything, or even for a child who enjoys being in the kitchen. I'm also certain they would cost a lot less than premix packs that you can buy from shopping centers these days...
So now I had planned on giving 10 links but after getting distracted by other ideas I hadn't yet discovered (ooops) the washing needs attention... I'm sure I'll find some others as I go along and will share any successes (but probably not the failures)...


Thursday, October 13, 2011


So it's been a while and I now figure that anything - including writing here about nothing - is better than marking assignments, particularly when there's a fairly good chance a chunk of them have managed to fail. I don't like to fail students - no matter how much they annoy me at times ;)

So in searching for inspiration on what to write I managed to come across something a little interesting and I decided just to come up with a list of things to do when you've got nothing to do - or at least website to read/visit, that I found somewhat interesting... - this one would be good to play with some friends when everyone involved feels like procrastinating :P - some people have wayyyyyyy too much time on their hands! - this one will take a while to get through... - and perhaps something to get you all back on track again.... ;)

Speaking of getting back on track, I should really get back to it!



Sunday, September 18, 2011


"Uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life" - William Congreve

I have a thing with expectations. I think sometimes we all get too caught up in trying to fulfill everyone else's expectations for us we never have the opportunity to see what we really expect from ourselves. Ever felt so caught up in what everyone else wanted you to do you couldn't remember what you should be doing? I'm pretty sure everyone's been there at least once in life. Influenced more by expectations from parents, friends, colleagues or even people in positions of authority than by what we think is the best way for us.

I've said before that I like quotes, and this one's going to be full of them!
"You have to expect things of yourselves before you can do them." - Michael Jordan

Now have you ever been in the situation where someone thinks you can do something and yet you're convinced that you can't? I'm working at the moment with two lecturers (mainly). One of whom has decided that I am amazing and can do everything that she is expecting of me. She frequently tells me that to get straight into PhD I need to get first class honors - an average of around about 80% overall... Piece of cake right! Pfffffft!!! 
Meanwhile, the other - besides the fact that most of it was his fault - is convinced it's going to take me an extra semester to complete. I've since found out that I'm pretty well done in terms of the actual work that I need to complete, I just need to type it all up and present it appropriately.
Whilst I simply don't know! Considering I have no idea as to what I am supposed to produce, how can I! But thanks to Mr Pessimism, I'm now not going to officially graduate until mid semester next year... YAY...

"Happiness equals reality minus expectations." - Tom Magliozzi

What do you expect from yourself? What is it that you think you can achieve? For me, one way or another I will finish this course - even if it is just to spite at least one of my supervisors. I don't know when but I will manage one way or another!

Perhaps it's just easier to say that expectations suck! It's so much easier just to breeze through not necessarily having to achieve anything, be anything, do anything. I've found a better quote. Rather than expectations setting you up to get what you want,

"What we anticipate seldom occurs, what we least expected generally happens" - Benjamin Disraeli

it's the complete opposite. Much better, I think... why have expectations - you're setting yourself up for possible failure! Let's be human - take the easy route - no expectations no chance of failure... 

I'm not entirely sure which is the 'easy' option to be honest... Personally - I expect most of you who read this to set several expectations for yourself right away...

"I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can't be helped" - Gestalt prayer, Fritz Perls


Monday, September 5, 2011


Stumbled on this and thought I might share... Wise words - if only we could all take them to heart...


Monday, August 29, 2011


Ever wondered where your happy ever after is? Maybe in the back room of some Hollywood studio somewhere? Or maybe thrown aside because the story wasn't good enough for whoever it is that decides those stories to tell as opposed to those that aren't...

I have.

I've asked where my fairytale happiness is and wondered why I can never find it when I think that I need it the most. Perhaps it's because they're all a lie.

It's hard. It's really hard to try and comfort people when life deals them crap. It sucks. And it's not fair. Why is it always the case that the best of people are the ones that always seem to have some of the worst crap to deal with? But perhaps worst of all, why is it ok for Hollywood, Disney and any other massive media producer to say that happy ever afters are the norm? What gives them the right to trick us into thinking that that's what is most likely to happen to us?

If only it was all straightforward all laid out before we start - a roadmap for life... Oh but wait - that would make it all easy..... Where's the fun in that!?!?!?


Thursday, August 18, 2011


So for once I really don't have anything to say. I'm really just trying to waste time in order to avoid doing more thesis work - which I know is bad but seeing as they've stuffed me around I figure what the heck, might as well  play along...

Tonight has been interesting though. Working on the elab counter is always an experience - you just never know what it is that is going to happen on any one shift but tonight has been even more unique than usual! I started my shift at 4:30 and walked in to see the daytime staff all huddled together behind the desk which in itself really isn't all that unusual - nerds tend to huddle occasionally :p but it became very interesting very fast.

Now before I actually relate the story let me just emphasise here that ECU's official values are those of:
  • respect
  • integrity
  • rational enquiry
  • personal excellence
The last two (possibly three) don't really apply but the first one definitely does. We also have a very high number of international students both on the Perth campuses as well as overseas - around about 20% of our cohort is international. Thats a lot of students!

Now in the elab students aren't necessarily required to be quiet - in fact, in my opinion it shouldn't be emphasised... if you want quiet go through the double doors and  into the library! But we had an African student come to the desk to say that the girl sitting next to him and his mate had asked them to quieten down. Most African students (particularly males) are really quite softly spoken so this in itself surprised us. He then went on to tell us that this girl had also told him:
 'You're in Australia so speak English! I'm from Australia so I don't have to leave, you should leave, or speak our language'

This charming young lady was removed from the elab by security (you don't mess with Janet!) and on her way out decided to share some parting words with me. Something along the lines of, "he was harrassing me! And he had the nerve to go and call security! I've had enough, I'm not crazy! I've had the best psychiatric care in all of someplace (didn't catch it) and I know I'm not crazy! I'm from Australia, I was born in Australia I shouldn't have to give up things for VISITORS like them to Australia! I've earned it, it in my blood!" But the best bit was the final parting remark... "He'll probably flunk out anyway!!!"

With absolutely no knowledge of who he was, what he was completing at ECU, whether or not he was an Australian citizen - she was able to make this claim. Pretty good hey!

The most amusing part is that I'd just spent all day talking with my students about how tolerant Australian's are and as a general rule we are quite good with people from other religions and races..... Maybe she's the exception to the rule?

Anyway..... I'm all for having an opinion but there's a point where you can take it too far. That is, when its shared with half of the elab - who by the way represent that diversity of ECU - around about 20% are international. Maybe not the best forum.........

The thesis work calls :(